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imageown Walls are a necessity for town to survive in medieval world of invasion and conquest.

Wealthy towns are enclosed by protective walls and the only access to the town is regulated through Town Gate.

Use the wall sections to form the medieval fortified town to your liking!

Use A and B sections to add to the length of the wall.
Sections C and D are adapters which are used to connect the walls to the Town Gate.
Sections E and F are the ending points of the wall.

Right side ending section (when facing the walls form the outside).

With this system you can make a long straight fortified wall. In the future we will add corner towers which will allow you to completely enclose the town with protective walls.

In time we will develop different add-ons which you will be able to incorporate to your existing and growing fortification.

The models are supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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