Terrain Genesis uses only the finest quality materials to cast our products.

We can cast just about anything in plaster or resin. If you have an original you need a copy of we can custom cast it, contact us for details.

TG casts Hirst Arts molds using the finest hydrostone plasters, Merlin’s Magic and Excalibur.

Merlin’s Magic is made for hobbyists and has a PSI rating of 14500, normal Hydrocal is about 9000.

Excalibur has a PSI rating of 18000, so its great for thin parts that are prone to breakage. It takes longer to dry, is more expensive and harder to work with, so we charge a surcharge on casting with it.

We guarantee 100% Bubble Free Break Free Casts! If you have a problem with an order contact us, we will make it right.

We use Almore Surfactant and Vibrating tables to make sure your casts, and ours, come out perfect.

Take a look at some pics from our casting process below:

vibrating-tablecasting-hirst-arts-3Casting Hirst Arts casting-hirst-arts-2